You can easily stream media on Newsbridge directly from your smartphone that will automatically create a mission and a recording on your workspace. We recommend using the free app “Live Now” available on AppStore and PlayStore.

To use this functionality, you will need specific parameters provided by your Newsbridge administrator. If you don't have them, contact us :)

1) First, download and install the app on your smartphone.

2) Fill the fields "Server URL" and "Stream Key" with the parameters provided by your Newsbridge administrator.

3) Click on "Live button". The app is now connecting to the server. If not, please check your parameters.

4) Click on the "START" button. Congratulations! Your smartphone is now feeding Newsbridge.

5) Starting a stream on a device automatically creates a mission until the end of the day. In under a minute, the stream will be visible on your workspace. You can view the media while ingesting under the “MISSIONS” tab by simply clicking on it.

You can also view your mission under the "RECORDINGS" tab while ingesting.

That's it! You have just successfully streamed content into your workspace from your smartphone!

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