Have you recently uploaded media that requires additional information? Find out how to manually detect faces in your media with this tutorial.

1) Select the clip to which you'd like to add additional information.

2) Once you've accessed your media, you can find our built-in clipping tool at the bottom right hand side of your screen as seen below:

3) From here, to add a person, select the sequence that features the person you wish to identify. Using the selection box, click on the 'add a person' icon as seen below:

4) As soon as you click on the 'add a person' icon, a pop-up window will appear allowing you to manually assign a name to that individual. Once you start entering the specified name, a drop-down menu will appear (in case the individual is already recognized by the thesaurus but is not recognized in this clip specifically).

5) If the name of the person you want to identify does not appear in the list of suggestions, click on "add to the thesaurus" to train your machine to recognize this individual moving forward.

6) After manually adding a person, a panel will appear, prompting you to validate the new occurrence by clicking on 'save'. He or she should now appear in the facial recognition panel as seen below:

That's a wrap! Now you have successfully added an individual to your media, who will be recognized moving forward.

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