1. First select the desired media clip from the Missions homepage. Your clip will then open in full-screen.

2. From there, the label detection functionality is available by clicking on the corresponding icon at the top right-hand side of your screen. By clicking on the icon, a side panel appears on the right of your screen with the different labels suggested by the platform.

3. You can validate a label by clicking on it. After that, it will be automatically added to the approved label category.

4. You can remove a label that has been approved by clicking on it.

5. If a specific label does not appear in the panel, you can add it using the add data bar. This allows you to search for labels in the thesaurus as well as adding new labels to your media clip, which can then be used on all of your other media assets.

6. To register and save a new label, click on add new data. This will open a pop-up allowing you to enter the label's name, along with a description for it. Click on add to validate saving the new label and assign it to your media.

The days of sifting through hours of audiovisual content to find a particular topic are now over! By using our label detection tool, you let AI do the heavy lifting for you. Hooray!

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