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Want to send the content of your cart directly to YouTube from theNewsbridge platform? You're in luck!

*Please note that to activate this latest feature you must first contact Newsbridge support.

Learn how to upload your content directly to YouTube in the guide below:

1) Create your cart as usual. If you don’t know how to create a cart, please click here.

2) Once you’ve added your desired media's excerpt, click on the cart icon located on the upper right-hand side of your screen.

3) Once you click on the cart icon, a right-hand side panel will appear, allowing you to export your content by clicking on the export button.

* You can also edit your cart by clicking on edit. For more information on editing an extract, click here.

4) After clicking on export, a pop-up will appear asking you to rename your basket. Press Next once your basket is named.

* Please note that the name you choose for your basket is important, as it will also be the name given to your Youtube video.

5) Next, a pop-up will appear listing your preconfigured destinations available in widget format. Scroll down to find Send to YouTube, and press Send.

6) Upon send, a thank you pop-up will appear, inviting you to redirect to the cart history landing page. You can access this page by simply clicking on the Cart History button as shown below. You will then be transferred to a landing page with a historical recap of your cart activity.

7) On the Carts History landing page, you will see two progress bars, one blue and one green. The blue bar represents progress on your direct download link, while the green bar shows you the progress of your upload to Youtube.

8) Your Send To YouTube will be successful once the green progress bar is completely filled.

9) Once the green progress bar is complete, you can find your video on your configured Youtube Channel. Please note that your video will be in private status but is modifiable.

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