1. First, select your desired media from the Newsbridge Mission home page. 

Let’s choose this one, for example! 

2) Once selected, a full-screen should appear with your media: 

3) From here, facial recognition properties are available via clicking on the facial recognition icon on the top right-hand side of your screen: 

4) Once you’ve clicked on the facial recognition icon, a side panel will appear to the right of your media presenting a series of individuals, with corresponding confidence levels, who were identified in your media, as seen below: 

  • A unique aspect of the facial recognition tool panel is that, along with the identification of the individual, it lists the specific points in time that this person speaks throughout your video. For example, below we can see that Donald Trump appears during 00:04, 5:11, 6:21, 26:01, etc. 
  • To be redirected to a specific moment in which the individual at-hand is speaking, simply click on the time stamp that appears below the individual’s name.

Gone are the days of searching through hours of content to look for specific individuals. By using the facial detection tool, you’re letting AI do the heavy lifting. 

Cheers to that!

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