Want to clip a specific excerpt of your media?  Learn more about the available Clipping Tool functionalities in the guide below.

1) From your Missions home page, select the relevant media in which you will be clipping your excerpt.

2) Once you have accessed your desired media and specific excerpt, click on the Open Clipping Tools button on the lower right-hand side of your screen, as pictured below: 

3) From here, you should see a clip timeline (frame-by-frame) appear below your media, with the yellow clip selection brackets visible, allowing you to choose a specific video snippet, as seen below: 

4) Please note the following Clipping Tool Functionalities: 

  • Adjust length of the sub-clip in your media timeline via moving the yellow brackets in and out with your mouse (*Pro Tip: with pointer shortcuts) 
  • Adjust your media timeline size via clicking on the plus and minus icons in the Clipping Tools box.
  • Center your clip by clicking on the button Center My Clip in the Clipping Tools box. 

5) You also have the ability to select a clip using the speech-to-text panel, highlighting the snippet you would like to clip, as seen below: 

6) To add this clip to your cart, click the button Add To Cart in the Clipping Tools box (you can add as many clips as you’d like). 

7) From here, you can download your selected clip via clicking on the Cart Icon at the top of your page: 

8) After clicking on your Cart Icon, the following pop-up will appear in which you can see your selected snippets, outlining the contents of your cart: 

9) To download the clip snippet, simply select the desired destination, and click the Start button: 

Happy Clipping!

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