Want to know more about the platform’s thesaurus functionality? Find a step-by-step tutorial here. 

1) From the Missions page, click on the Thesaurus tab on the top left-hand side of your screen. 

2) Once you’ve clicked this tab, the following page will appear with a comprehensive list of all of your media’s recognized people and their associated labels as analyzed by AI. 

3 ) You now have the ability to manually add a person or label to your thesaurus. To manually add a person, just drag and drop 2-3 high quality facial images onto your thesaurus page. 

4) Once you add the images of the person you would like to add, a pop-up window will automatically appear and suggest the identity of the individual (if he or she is already known in wikidata database). Otherwise, you can input the contact’s name manually. You also have the ability to add a description or title to the created profile. 

Just add a couple images of the person you would like Newsbridge AI to recognize for the future. It’s that  simple! 

5) Once complete, this person is now a part of your media database and can be detected using AI.

NOTE : A picture's face has to be at least 300x300px to be recognized by the AI. Favour high-quality material for better recognition.

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