With uploaded and analyzed media, now you are able to search through your assets using the platform’s integrated search engine. Let’s get started! 

1) At the top of your Missions page, click on the search bar located on the right-hand side of your screen. Once you’ve clicked on the search bar, it will allow you to search for specific media using a cross-reference AI-based technology that takes into account multiple factors (i.e. facial, contexte and language detection).

Ready to smart-search your media?

2) Now, you can search for specific media using a selection of symbols to indicate what type of facet (mission, media, person, context, quote...) you wish to search for or in. Please see below for reference: 

Search smartly with the following symbols: 

Use @ (at symbol) to search for a specific person (eg: @Barack Obama)

Type # (hashtag) to search for a detected label (eg: #Trophy)

Use (quotation mark) to search for a quote (eg: “Brexit)

Type M: to search in Missions with the chosen keyword (eg: M: WorldCup)

Use m: to search for media with the chosen keyword (eg: m: PSG)

Type a: to search in annotations with the chosen keyword (eg: a: whispers)


3) Once you complete your search, you will see the following page displaying your available media assets containing these search criteria.


4) For an even more refined display of results, you also have the ability to filter your search with a date range and/or pick only validated media, as seen below: 


We hope you enjoy this new, enhanced search experience!

Still haven’t found the answer to your question? 

Feel free to contact our support team via our in-app chatbot or via email at support@newsbridge.io

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