Congratulations! You are creating your first mission*. Here are some helpful instructions for reference. 

  1. First things first, to create a classic (file-based) mission, click the Missions Homepage tab on the upper left-hand side of your screen. 

2) In the lower right-hand side of your screen, click the yellow + button to create your mission.

3) From there, a form will appear titled Create Mission and you can fill out the corresponding information (as seen below): 

Example of Create Mission form:

  • Title: Name your mission! Please note that this title is how you will find your media via the search bar.
  • Type: Please note what you are uploading. Your options include: mission, photos, rush, live. 
  •  Journalist: By default, the mission owner will be you. Please note that you have the ability to change the owner by clicking on this field and selecting existing users from a drop-down list. 
  •  Start Time & End Time: This field is not mandatory, and only needs to be filled out according to your specific mission timeline needs. Simply click on both the start and end time fields to modify your mission dates using a pop-up calendar. 
  •  Program: Please choose between the different programs that are available to you.
  •  Organizations: Define which pre-existing entities have the right to access this media. Simply click on the field and a pop-up list will appear in which you can select your desired organizations. 
  •  Transcript From: Please select the original language of your media for transcription purposes and the speech-to-text functionality. 
  •  Transcript from audio channel: Choose between three different possibilities for your audio mapping: the right channel, the left channel or both.
  •  Cognitives tasks: Define which cognitive feature you wish to activate for your media.
  • Devices: Please select the bound device(s) that are being used for this upload. A pop-up list will appear with the available devices. 
  • Output: Please select the output destinations that will be used for this mission. A pop-up list will appear with the available outputs. 
  • Send mission via: Please select the channel through which you would like to send your mission. Your options include: Email, SMS and Slack. 

4) When you are finished, please click the Create button for your mission to be saved. 

5) Once your mission has been successfully created, it will now appear on your Missions in the timeline tab of your choosing (i.e. Today, Tomorrow, Rest of Month).

6) In order to upload media on the platform, simply drag and drop a media asset directly into the mission, as shown below: 

*Please note that if the mission type is “live” it will be automatically streamed here. 

7) From here, the platform will automatically analyze and index your media via multimodal AI analysis.

Happy creating! 


**For reference, a mission is a folder where all rushes will be placed and indexed. It consists of either files or live streams.

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